Space Payload Vibration Testing Tool

Space industry tool to assess the sine and random vibrations analysis and test data
This tool is a Swiss Army knife for everything that concerns vibration testing and test prediction of the space payload: visualization, load extrapolations, transfer functions, overlays, notching, RRS and more.

Main Features

  • Visualize, interpolate, scale and notch sine and random vibrations responses (transfer functions, harmonics and random vibrations)
  • Compare vibration responses (both predicted or measured) against the allowable levels (QSL, sine, PSD and RRS)
  • Overlay plots (test-vs-prediction, pre/post-resonance search)
  • Quick notch definition for sine and random vibrations
  • Sensor orientation check
  • Supports Nastran punch (PCH), universal 58 (UNV), Excel (XLSX) and comma separated files (CSV)
  • Minimalistic, user friendly and fast interface (no more VBA)
  • Made specifically for space sector (ECSS-E-HB-32-26, NASA-HDBK-7004)
  • Super fast (parsing hundreds of channels in seconds)

Our tool is used by best-known companies:

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